Dongeng Tak Berjudul

Entah dapet ide dari mana tiba-tiba malam ini aku meluapkan emosi dengan cara menulis cerita. Meskipun tugas seni rupa masih belum kelar, tapi kalau perasaan yang bergejolak ini tidak segera ditumpahkan, pasti tugasku jadinya nggak karu-karuan. Jadi, inilah dongeng-dongengan tak berjudul saya…

maaf sebelumnya, no pic :oops

Once a time, there was a duck that have so much friends. She played, talked, all the day with the other ducks. The duck liked to tell jokes to their friends. That’s what makes the duck’s friends like her.

But one day, this duck met a swan. A very beautiful swan. And the swan was all alone. The duck liked this swan and wanted to befriend him. But her friends forbade her to get near the swan. There was a part of the swan that the other ducks don’t like.

So, what’s the duck going to do? She presumed to do what she wants. And she finally befriended the swan. The swan told her anything he felt. The duck never got bored of the swan’s stories. But in return of it, the duck’s friends were avoiding the duck. But the duck didn’t really have a matter of it. She tought, “As long as I and swan are friends, anything doesn’t matter to me“.

But, secretly, there were some of the duck friends that didn’t hostile the duck. They were the duck’s bestfriends. But they always warned the duck to keep in distance with the swan.

The duck became so confused. She didn’t want to lose her friends but she didn’t want to lose the swan too.
As time goes on, the duck just let her friendships flow. She still befriended the other ducks but she didn’t leave the swan. She didn’t aware that one of her friendship must be ended.

And the end comes true. The swan left the duck when he found new friends. The duck felt sad when she realize that their friendship has been ended. She felt lonely all the day until the duck’s friends came back to her. They were really happy when hearing that the duck is not the swan’s friend anymore. They befriended again. They played, talked, sang songs together.

The ducks thought about it all again. She thought that condition is better than before. But she couldn’t feel the happiness in that condition. She didn’t know is she feel happy with her ducks friends, or sad being left by the swan. But actually, that’s not the point. The duck had all her friends around her, and so did the swan with his new friends. Nice, isn’t it?

Gimana? Mungkin endingnya rada gak jelas yah. Maaf sekali lagi.. Selain karena kisah ini diilhami dari kisah nyata, juga nggak ada inspirasi buat mengakhirinya. Kapan-kapan aku buat cerita lain yang endingnya lebih jelas deh. Sekarang mau ngelanjutin tugas seni rupa. Bye!


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